Case Study: The Chicago Medical Home Network

April 29, 2019

The Delta Center team is excited to release a Case Study on the Chicago Medical Home Network (MHN), a collaborative health center and hospital partnership for pursuing accountable care in the low-income areas of the south and southwest sides of Chicago. In this case study, we detail the origins of the MHN as well as its unique, balanced governance structure in which health centers play a key role. Next, we analyze the payment model under which MHN operates and the changes in the care delivery system that were instituted in anticipation of a new payment model. Finally, we summarize the benefits and challenges MHN faces as a result of the collaboration and examine the implications of this model for other health centers interested in developing accountable care partnerships with hospitals.

This is part of a series of Delta Center-produced case studies showcasing innovations in safety-net payment and delivery system transformation. Read the first case study on The Federally Qualified Health Center Urban Health Network.