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Publication Date

December 2016


Care Transitions Network for People with Serious Mental Illness

National Council for Behavioral Health

Value-Based Payment Planning Guide

This planning guide provides one possible framework to shape the process of organizational transformation needed to prepare for value-based payments (VBPs). Given the complexity of this type of transformation, and the accelerated timeline for State payment changes under Medicaid and federal changes to Medicare, organizations will need to identify and implement a change process tailored to their organizational needs and culture.

The tool is designed to help identify manageable objectives and tasks that will build towards the long-term goal of preparedness for VBPs. It aims to support organizations in:

1) Mobilizing personnel needed to guide and support practice transformation

2) Identifying key performance measures, establish baselines and collect data to track progress over time; and

3) Creating a work plan to set aims, benchmark progress, sustain change and demonstrate value to payers.