Grantees: Colorado

Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN)

The Colorado Community Health Network (CCHN) represents Colorado’s 20 community health centers (CHCs) operating in over 200 sites. Payment reform has been a priority for CCHN since 2015 and CCHN has partnered with Colorado Medicaid on several new payment models.

The first model impacts all Medicaid primary care providers and puts up to 4% of each CHC’s current Medicaid encounter rate at risk for quality measures. The 4% is earned via a points-based system for PCMH recognition (50% of points) and meeting the benchmark on six quality measures (50% of points) or improvement towards the benchmark.  CO has a cost-based APM, so the PPS minimum is not at risk.

A second, new CHC Alternative Payment and Care Model (APCM) has been designed to transform encounter-based payments to population health payments for select health centers similar to what is happening in Oregon. CCHN will use Delta Center funds to help support a Learning Network for pilot health centers in addressing SDOH and to help develop a methodology to update APCM rates over time.

CCHN brings deep experience in practice transformation facilitation to the Delta Center cohort. As part of the State Innovation Model (SIM), a team of facilitators has helped 48 CHC clinic locations to improve and expand their integrated behavioral health programs, as part of advanced primary care. CCHN has also provided coaching to CHCs to integrate a team-based care model and to achieve patient centered medical home recognition. CCHN staff facilitate various committees and peer groups to develop support and readiness for payment and care team changes.



Marija Weeden
APCM Manager, CCHN

Policy Context