Delta Center State Learning & Action Collaborative

October 15-16, 2018 | Seattle, WA

The Delta Center for a Thriving Safety Net held a second convening for state primary care associations and behavioral health state associations participating in the State Learning & Action Collaborative in Seattle, WA on October 15-16, 2018.

Convening goals for participants were to:

  • Develop vision and specific action steps for engaging with Medicaid in your state
  • Design behavioral health and primary care partnership approach to policy
    recommendations in your state and practice telling your story together.
  • Share and learn about best practices for offering member-focused technical assistance.

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Welcome from our host, the MacColl Center/Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute, and from the Delta Center team.
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Storyboard Session 1: New York, Arizona, Oregon, Maine, Colorado
Learn about your cohort as each state shares highlights in value-based payment and care (VBP/C) work, key lessons learned and next steps planned

Keynote Address: The Importance of Developing a Guiding Vision for Payment Reform and Care Transformation
Craig Hostetler, former Executive director of the Oregon Primary Care Association, will make the case for having a clear vision for VBP/C. He will share state strategies and lessons learned from engaging key stakeholders in shaping and aligning behind a common vision.
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Storyboard Session 2: Michigan, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Iowa

Partnerships and Policy Priorities: Setting the Stage and A Tale of Two Associations
Gain understanding of how state level transformation initiatives, member needs, and funding for behavioral health, primary care, and associations shape policy priorities. The Washington State team will share their experience in this work.
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Partnerships and Policy Priorities: Creating Alignment
Identify and prioritize overlapping policies for primary care and behavioral health in your state.
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Empowering Change Through Storytelling: Evolve the Impact of your Initiatives
Through the Power of a Story That Inspires, Engages, and Empowers Everyone Involved Learn and apply the Guide™ principles as a framework for creating personal, relevant, and actionable stories that inspire and motivate your key stakeholders.
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Welcome: Where are we headed?
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Storyboard Session 3: Washington, Missouri, Texas, New Mexico

Connecting with your peers: Reflections from Storyboard Sessions
Make connections with your Delta Center peers, ask questions, and discuss in greater depth the work they’ve showcased in the storyboard sessions.

Improving Care in a Value Based Environment: What do our members need to succeed & how will we know?
Identify four levels of value-oriented payment experimentation and understand how infrastructure, care strategies, and partnerships work together to enhance your members’ ability to be successful. Learn about and practice strategies to understand what your members need. Colorado and New York will share their experience in this work.
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Delta Center Theory of Change

MAHP 2.0 Diagram and Two-Page Narrative
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Storytelling Resources from Blank Page
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