Delta Center State Learning & Action Collaborative 

February 11-12, 2019 | Oakland, CA

The Delta Center for a Thriving Safety Net held a third convening for state primary care associations and behavioral health state associations participating in the State Learning & Action Collaborative in Oakland, CA February 11-12, 2019.




Keynote Address: How to Partner Effectively with your Medicaid Agency
Beth Waldman, J.D., M.P.H., senior consultant at Bailit Health and former Massachusetts Medicaid director presents the key priorities of Medicaid agencies and their MCO/RAE partners, and provides an overview of the VBP/delivery system reform landscape. Drawing on her extensive experience working with Medicaid programs, she shares strategies on how to best engage with state Medicaid agencies and their MCO partners.
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Panel Conversation: Partnering with Medicaid Managed Care
A panel of MCO leaders including Kimberley Cox from Optum, Kevin Campbell from Greater Oregon Behavioral Health, Inc., and Patrick Gordon from United Health Care discuss their experience working with safety-net providers and associations as well as advice on how state associations can best partner with managed care and support their members in partnering with managed care.
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The Consultancy Session: How to work with Medicaid/Other State Agencies/MCOs
Teams participate in small group discussions to share a challenge working with a Medicaid agency, another state agency, or MCOs. Group discussion and brainstorming.

Open Consultation
Teams meet with speakers, panelists, and peers.

A Deeper Dive on the MAHP: The Role of the Association in Creating Partnerships to Advance Members’ Needs
This session focuses on an overview of the MAHP model and a deep dive on partnerships. Attendees explore the role of associations in facilitating supportive partnerships among members and other entities and begin to brainstorm what kinds of partnerships might be possible.
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Delta Center Assessment and Evaluation Summary
The Delta Center team and Mathematica present highlights from the Delta Center baseline assessment and interviews with associations.
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Workshop: Adaptive Leadership for Change Management
Teams build upon foundational knowledge of Adaptive Leadership from the January webinar to define an adaptive challenge to address, conduct an in-depth stakeholder analysis, and define an initial action to address the identified challenge.
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