Delta Center Learning & Action Collaborative

June 19-20, 2018 | Denver, CO

The Delta Center for a Thriving Safety Net held a kickoff convening in Denver, Colorado, June 19-20th for the first cohort of state primary care associations and behavioral health state associations participating in the State Learning & Action Collaborative.

Convening goals for participants were to:

  • Understand the four key goals of the program around enhancing the capacity of the state associations, with regard to internal capacity and ability to become learning organizations, policy and advocacy, collaboration between primary care and behavioral health, and TA and training for their provider members
  • Identify opportunities for primary care and behavioral health to work together at the state level
  • Get to know peers and identify opportunities for shared learning across state associations
  • Provide input through co-design to shape Delta Center activities
  • Identify how their goals align with Delta Center goals and identify next steps to take prior to the next convening

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Welcome & Overview of the Delta Center for a Thriving Safety Net
Overview of the convening and what to expect, Delta Center team introductions, and description of the initiative’s overarching goals.
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Getting to Know You: Meet Fellow Participants
Opportunity to learn about each other’s work, reasons for participation in this initiative, and the strengths and assets of the cohort.
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Keynote And Interactive Activity: Why This Work Matters and Opportunities for Primary Care and Behavioral Health Collaboration
Presentation from Joe Parks, Medical Director for the National Council for Behavioral Health. Grantees also exchanged ideas about where there are opportunities for primary care and behavioral health to collaborate.
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Where We Are Headed: Delta Center Theory of Change
Rationale for the Delta Center approach and outcomes we hope to see related to each of the overarching goals.
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Team Time: Grantee Goals and Strategies
Small group discussion and exchange of ideas.
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Welcome from the National Association of Community Health Centers and National Council for Behavioral Health
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Learning Organizations and Co-Design
Description of core concepts related to being a learning organization and the co-design process, a facilitated co-design activity to identify common challenges, content to learn from peers and the Delta Center, and ways grantees can contribute to peer learning.
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Next Steps for Delta Center and Participants
Review of the various modalities that the Delta Center will use to provide technical assistance, description of planned evaluation activities and immediate next steps for the Delta Center and participants.
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