Grantees: Iowa

Iowa Primary Care Association 

The Iowa Primary Care Association represents 13 community health centers and one migrant health program serving more than 203,000 Iowans each year. Iowa’s unique Medicaid environment presents both challenges and opportunities for care integration and value-based payment and delivery reform. The state has current, statewide contracts with two MCOs and recently completed an RFP process to select a third MCO to enter the market in July 2019.

Eleven of Iowa’s fourteen FQHCs are members/owners of a clinically and financially integrated primary care network called IowaHealth+ (IH+). From November 2017 to June 2018, leaders and staff from all eleven IH+ member centers and the PCA engaged in a comprehensive process to develop a 3-5-year vision for the future of the network, including identifying steps needed to move further into value-based payment and delivery reform.

Through the roadmap planning process, IH+ member centers identified further developing and implementing the IH+ Model of Care as a top priority, as it forms a crucial component of the network’s value proposition to payers and other partners. IH+ hopes to use lessons from its participation in the Delta Center to better define and implement pillars of the network’s model of care.



Aaron Todd
Chief Strategy Officer, Iowa PCA

Policy Context