Grantees: Massachusetts

Association for Behavioral Healthcare & The Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers

The Association for Behavioral Healthcare (ABH) represents over eighty community-based mental health and addiction treatment provider organizations serving 1.5 million Massachusetts residents annually. The Association is working in collaboration with the Massachusetts League of Community Health Centers (Mass League) on the Delta Center project, carrying forth a long history of collaboration.

The Massachusetts DSRIP program presents many payment and delivery reform opportunities. It is anticipated that ACOs will explore alternative payment models (APMs) around high cost and/or high-risk populations over the coming years. ABH and Mass League members are crucial components of ACO networks and will face increasing pressure to work under alternative payment models.

The Massachusetts team recognizes the importance of helping its members definitively demonstrate and quantify their value. The MA DSRIP program includes behavioral health community partners (BH CPs), similar to Section 2703 Health Homes. Funding for the CPs ceases in five years, so BH CPs will need to establish their value to the ACOs by the end of the DSRIP period in order to remain viable through contracting arrangements with ACOs. The Massachusetts team would like to use Delta Center technical assistance to support helping all its members (whether CPs or not) quantify their value by developing the capacity to access or develop data that will support the development of payment models and strategies that reward value.



Vic DiGravio
President/Chief Executive Officer

Policy Context