Grantees: North Carolina

North Carolina Community Health Center Association (NCCHCA) & i2i Center for Integrative Health

The North Carolina Community Health Center Association (NCCHCA) serves as the primary care association for 42 community health centers serving approximately 500,000 North Carolinians. NCCHCA is partnering with the i2i Center for Integrative Health (i2i Center), a convening organization anchored in the public behavioral health and intellectual-developmental disabilities (BH/IDD) system in North Carolina.

North Carolina’s Delta Center involvement, locally branded as the NC Delta Center Collaboration, is occurring at a critical time as the state is undergoing a process to transition its Medicaid physical health program to a managed care model, expected in 2019.  BH and IDD services have been managed under a Medicaid 1915(b)(c) waiver statewide since 2013.  The current implementation plan includes integration of behavioral health and physical healthcare for mild-to-moderate need consumers through Standard Plans and for high-need consumers through BH/IDD Tailored Plans. This presents a unique opportunity to influence the implementation process for the eventual integration of physical and BH/I-DD services through an 1115 waiver.

Both parties of the NC Delta Center Collaboration bring to the table a history of work around preparing providers for value-based payment structures, as well as partnering with the State of North Carolina to ensure alternative and value-based payment systems are brought into the public sector through Medicaid Transformation.



Peter Freeman

Policy Context