Grantees: Oregon

Association of Oregon Community Mental Health Programs (AOCMHP) & Oregon Primary Care Association (OPCA) 

The Association of Oregon Community Mental Health Programs (AOCMHP) and its counterpart PCA, the Oregon Primary Care Association (OPCA) together represent all community mental health programs (CMHPs) and all FQHCs in the state of Oregon. Both grantees are involved with various policy initiatives related to care transformation and payment reform. AOCMHP and its members participate in the federally sponsored CCBHC demonstration, while Oregon’s renewed 1115 waiver and Medicaid Managed Care framework, which emphasizes value based payments in managed care, will affect both grantees and their members. OPCA has already helped facilitate an innovative Alternative Payment and Advanced Care Model, which has successfully moved more than half of Oregon health centers to a capitated payment model.

Both AOCMHP and OPCA are interested in promoting more sustainable business models for integration, in particular by developing better metrics of care outcomes and stronger methodologies to demonstrate the value of integration. The grantees will also launch pilots of value-based integrated care and payment through CCBHC-FQHC dyads and their payers. AOCMHP has extensive experience in assisting the Oregon Health Authority with developing improved quality and performance measurement strategies for behavioral health through the Oregon Performance Plan (a program with the U.S. Department of Justice to reduce institutionalization of individuals with severe and persistent mental illness). Both grantees are especially eager to enhance their capacities as learning organizations.



Cherryl Ramirez
Executive Director, AOCMHP

Policy Context